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To be human. To empower. To be empowered. To share in our humanity. To learn. To grow. To be adventurous. To engage in human rights. To listen. To dialogue. To share. To be. 

This is Human Empowered Yoga.

We have accomplished so much in 2017, amigos. 

2017 saw partnerships bud, blossom, and flourish. Old friends and new friends came together to support so many causes. 

Hundreds of dollars, in both monetary and in-kind donation, were raised for disaster-stricken areas in Florida and the Caribbean Islands after destrictive hurricanes. I was in constant contact with friends who had connections in different areas to screen through positive donation sites; friends, who at a moments' notice were investigative and thorough in their research to support the cause.  Amazing yoga studios, like Asana Yoga, opened their doors to host fundraiser yoga classes for the cause. 

You supported my many other areas of volunteer-ship, including Gulf Coast JFCS' Global Sunshine Artisans, a refugee women's craft group that I helped to codevelop as a former employee.

You helped support my continued participation with Purple Dot Yoga Project's yoga for children in domestic violence shelters. 

Learn more about PDYP @

Photo by Amelia Bartlett Photography for a Purple Dot Yoga Project photo shoot.

Photo by Aaron Rose Photography

You raised food for the homeless through our Fit 4 Cause community yoga classes. Did you know that a young refugee man that I knew at a volunteer site helped disperse these donations to the homeless? Talk about inspiring!

Classes are currently out of session, but follow Fit 4 Cause on Facebook and Instagram for updates for 2018.

You asked questions, asked me to speak to your groups, inquired in ways to support, you were courageous in sharing your experiences, and you continue to pave this beautiful path to empower everyone around you! Thank you for all of your hard work in 2017!

Human Empowered has only begun, and I am excited for what is in store for us all. This is so much more than a platform for me as an instructor, it's a community to share and empower.  Let's continue to rise each other up!

I'll see you next year yogis! 

Love, Light, & Empowerment.

Xo Chelsea

If you are looking to join the movement, check out our group: The Human Empowered Yoga Project on Facebook! 

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