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Solace during Pandemic

Hey Fam, ❤️

It's me popping in after a sprint of travel for work and pleasure. I managed to explore the basin of the devil's blues in NOLA for my 27th birthday and the melting pot metropolis of London for work. I've been sitting on edge for my friend living under occupation during extended measures in Palestine. During the time that my flight was canceled there and another last minute flight booked from London because of COVID-19, I saw the transition to mania happen in the US and shortly thereafter the UK. Now, sitting at home and despite anything and all else going on in my life, I recognize my privilege.

As I plan to consciously act on the following, I ask the same of you:

1️⃣ Recognize your privilege and use it to support and protect those who don't have the capacity at this time:

▪️ If you are sick, #staytfhome ... Seriously. Even if you aren't you may be carrying a virus that endangers others.

▪️ Do NOT stockpile goods. Instead, share and donate to people in need/at risk. Need recommendations for good/monetary donation? Message me.

▪️ Evolve if you see yourself having an "us vs them" mentality. This is not an "Asian" issue, this is not another country/continent issue. This is not nationalist pride. This is a human issue, and through the collective we debunk the stigma.

▪️ If you are purchasing goods/services, (food, music, fitness, booze), please support local and small business. Think unconventional in terms of how you can support small business and freelancers. Get that mural done, ask for a remote collab, support via Venmo, purchase unconventional goods from restaurants/bars, keep your gym or yoga membership alive.

2️⃣ Please do not hesitate to reach out to your circle, family, friends, or neighbors for support. Need resources or a listening ear from being lonely in diagnosed quarantine? Message me. Let's get you connected. It's a familiar space for me.

3️⃣ Protect your most sacred space, your mind. Make conscious decisions before leaving the house and create boundaries to protect your mind (i.e. get off of social media). Pandemic assumptions are real. Just as you clean your living space, clean the space of your mind. Understand where thoughts are evolving from. Fear of the unknown?

Remember: f.e.a.r. is false evidence appearing real. It serves no purpose if it is void of fact-based evidence. You deserve only the best.

How can you be best supported right now? We are a community, fam, and there is no shame in voicing your needs. ❤ #covid_19 #corona #staysafe

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