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Refugee Women's Microenterprise

shop local & support local human rights.

This holiday season, opt to support local artisans and empower refugee women! 

Global Sunshine Artisans is a local group initiative that empowers refugee and former refugee women to develop and apply artisan skills. Their mission is: "Bridging cultures with handmade crafts without borders, through empowerment, diversity, and friendship."

The women empower themselves and everyone around them to support local community efforts, female empowerment, and the bridging of borders through artisan work.



The maker of this product is a former resettled refugee from Somalia, who provides beautiful and outstanding re-purposed and recycled pieces of jewelry and other goods to empower herself and other women. Her resiliency inspires every life she touches, as I'm sure you can see by her beautiful works below.

Only 11 Safety Pin and Seed Bead Bracelets are made available.

Donation Investment: $10 for 1 bracelet or $15 for 2!

Please send a message in Human Empowered Yoga's contact box for more details!

- More products coming soon! -

Interested in a specialized order or volunteering with our group? Contact Us Now! 

Refugee Women's Microenterprise

Support Refugee Women.

Refugee Women's Microenterprise
Refugee Women's Microenterprise
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