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human empowered Human rights

Hello Light-Workers!

I invite you all to Human Empowered Yoga's group of like-minded individuals (yogis, business owners, lawyers, students, mothers, fathers, etc.) who wish to continue their yoga off of the mat in the name of Seva.

Seva translated from Sanskrit describes the art of selfless service, or a continuation of yoga off the mat and into the world.

From this space, we can brainstorm ways to engage our community in key social topics that we may have been involved in or wish to be involved in. The key here is to educate, engage, and empower our community. So far, I've been able to utilize Human Empowered Yoga as a platform to empower survivors of the refugee crisis, domestic violence , natural disasters, suicide awareness, and homelessness. This all stemmed from a community initiative to educate and engage on key community topics.


I will be cultivating some routes for this educate-engage-empower model of Seva for key issues within our community. Your voice is important, necessary, and invited in this open dialogue of community empowerment. Please feel free to share with other light-workers within our beautiful community!

Lots of Love,


Tampa Bay Human Rights
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