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Chelsea Mandrigues


Tampa Yoga Instructor & Human Rights Advocate



Purpose fuels Passion.

By empowering ourselves through mindful movement, we become the vehicle of change we wish to see in the world. 

Human Empowered Yoga, as a social entrepreneurship, developed out of Hatha Yoga instructor Chelsea Mandrigues’ love for the empowering practice of yoga and her career in human rights. Chelsea’s advocacy work for survivors of trauma and human rights abuse has led her on the journey of fusing human rights initiatives through the practice of yoga. By fusing the two together, Chelsea believes that when we empower ourselves, we uplift everyone around us. 

Experienced with survivors of trauma and other forms of abuse – both international and domestic – Chelsea focuses her attention on the entire local Tampa Bay community.

Human Empowered is about developing a sense of community engagement and community action through mindful movement. Join the movement!



Chelsea Mandrigues' classes concentrate on synchronizing breath with movement in Hatha tradition,are aided by Vinyasa flow, and build internal and external strength. She firmly believes that yoga should be accessible to all ages, sizes, and levels of practitioners, so classes are catered to all levels, providing both stepping stones for beginners and challenges for advanced practitioners.


For Chelsea, yoga is a tool for self-empowerment that can serve as a positive coping strategy used to generate self-acceptance through movement and expression, or stillness and introspection.

Purpose fuels passion.


Yoga Instructor

Tampa Bay, Florida

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